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Scottish Jazz Showcase Weekend

The European Jazz Network is holding it's annual conference in Glasgow on the weekend of the 24th - 27th September. In honour of this, there are three showcase concerts being put on, each night featuring several bands / performers. The full line-up has just been released (I saw it on the Glasgow Jazz Festival mailing list).

Each night is £10, or on special offer, you can get all three for £20. Given the line-ups and variety you get, these are probably the best value for money jazz concerts in the country this year! You can get tickets from Glasgow Concert Halls (if their site's working - it's pretty flaky and not very well designed for booking stuff).

There are only 100 tickets available to the public each night, so better order now!

Thursday 24th, 8pm
Strathclyde Suite, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Stu Brown Sextet's Raymond Scott Project
Tom Cawley's Curios
Ryan Quigley Sextet
Get the Blessing

Late night jam at Oshi Restaurant, Park Inn Hotel from 11pm: NewT + jam session

Friday 25th, 8pm
Old Fruitmarket

Liane Carroll
Neon feat Stan Sulzmann
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra "Rhapsody in Blue" featuring Brian Kellock

Late night jam at Oshi Restaurant, Park Inn Hotel from 11pm: Troyka + jam session

Saturday 26th, 8pm
Old Fruitmarket

Phil Bancroft's "Home, Small As The World"
The George Burt/Raymond MacDonald Group
Paul Towndrow's Newology
Trio VD

Late night jam at Oshi Restaurant, Park Inn Hotel from 11pm: Alyn Cosker Trio + jam session

(The jam sessions are free, by the way.)

A lot of these groups I've seen - I'd particularly recommened Stu Brown Sextet's Raymond Scott Project, the Ryan Quigley Sextet and Paul Towndrow's Newology.

I saw Get the Blessing at this year's Jazz Festival and wasn't overly impressed, but I think they weren't having a great night.

Trio VD I have heard of but not seen, and have to mention simply to say: what were they thinking when they chose their name!? Is it deliberate?
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