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Bex Marshall + Funkilicious

The Ferry
Sunday 23rd August

This was an unfortunately quiet gig - Sunday night is not the best! This didn't help create a particularly exciting atmosphere - more polite applause and refined appreciation. It was a strange setup - Funkilicious were given a certain number of tickets to give away, and they were paid £2 per ticket by the venue. Given that the majority of the small audience were there on free Funkilicious tickets, I can't imagine the venue made any kind of profit.

Nominally, Funkilicious were supporting Bex Marshall, but they put her on first, since she was solo and they're a funk band - it balances out better for a night that way.

Bex Marhsall was good - bluesy, rock-influenced vocals and guitar. She was on tour, up from London, and had played several sets on The Ferry already that day. She has an entertaining show, with lots of anecdotes to link songs, and a nicely accessible style. It was good.

Funkilicious were great as always - a shame the size of audience didn't complement the effort they put in. I thought they played particularly well on this gig. Tim (on trumpet) was standing in for the usual trumpet player and challenged us to a game of "spot the wrong note" - well, that was fun! Nah, he was very good as always - only one obviously wrongly placed entry, but it was of course probably not noticeable to your average listener.


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