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The Ryan Quigley Big Band

The newly formed Ryan Quigley Big Band was playing at The Ferry last night, a tribute to Maynard Ferguson. This was their second performance (that I know of) following their first gig at the Glasgow Jazz Festival recently. It was a mostly different line up this time, but still excellent.

Since it was a tribute to Maynard Ferguson, there were plenty of trumpets - six in total. There were also plenty of high notes on said trumpets, and not always from Ryan! There is a habit in big bands, sometimes, for the high note trumpet to hang on for a very brief interval after the rest of the bad has stopped on the last note, and it was in evidence a lot here. As if to say, "did you hear that? Did you hear how high I got?" Just to make sure the audience notices. Personally, I'm not a fan of that - to me, it would sound better if everyone came off together. I noticed the note and appreciated it already! But the audience seemed to like it. Audiences always like high notes.

Anyway, the pieces were very tight, and very enjoyable. I particularly liked Birdland - I hadn't hear that particular arrangement before. Funkier than the ones I know. The renditions of the theme from Rocky (Gonna Fly Now) and MacArthur Park swung considerably more than our recent performances with the Glasgow Wind Band *g* (there'd be something wrong there if they didn't!).

The place wasn't packed, but it was a reasonably sized audience, and they were enthusiastic. It was set up for cabaret style seating, and most of the seats were taken.

I'll be keeping an eye out for their next gig!

The Ryan Quigley Big Band at The Ferry

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