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The Scottish Jazz Awards

The first ever Scottish Jazz Awards were held tonight at the Tron Theatre in association with the Glasgow Jazz Festival and Jazz International. The presenter was Stephen Duffy, the host of Radio Scotland's The Jazz House, with host trio Brian Kellock, Euan Burton and Alyn Cosker. The trio were joined, on separate occasions, by Carol Kidd (vocals) and Bobby Wellins (tenor sax).

It was an entertaining evening, and I'd say the audience were pretty well lubricated! Most of the audience (or so I got the impression) was invited - there appeared to be only a very small handful of the general public there. This did create rather an impression of "us and them", which I'm sure wasn't intentional, but it has been noted that the Glasgow and the Scottish jazz scene can at times seem a bit cliqué-y (unintentionally) because it's not all that big. Anyway, this was a shame, since four of the awards had been voted for by the general public. Perhaps it could be better publicised next year.

I can't remember all of the results, but here are some that I do.

Best Brass Player: Ryan Quigley
Best Woodwind Player: Tommy Smith
Best Vocalist: Fiona Duncan (who has been ill, but I hear is recovering well - a speedy recoery to her!)
Best Band:Ken Mathieson's Classic Jazz Orchestra
Best Album: Carol Kidd (I can't remember which album, sorry!)
Best Venue: The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh
Best Bass Player: Aidan O'Donnell
Best Big Band: The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
Lifetime Achievement Award: Bobby Wellins

As it turns out, none of the ones I voted for won! Oh well *g*.

The Tron was a nice venue - I hadn't been before. Shame it's in such a seedy part of town. The further east of Central Station you get, the more unpleasant Argyle Street becomes. I was leered at by the obligatory old drunk man on the way there - typical. No trouble getting home (on the train tonight), but I'm more wary of Saturday night coming, where Paul Towndrow's gig there is on late. I'll be driving for that one - there's an NCP right near by!

Edit (23.06.09): as Paul points out below, the awards were generally either voted for by the public or by a blind listening panel of well respected persons in the relevant category, most of whom are not part of the Scottish jazz scene. Furthermore, entries in most categories were self-nominated. These factors make any kind of bias or favouritism in the awards highly unlikely.
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