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Cinderella On Ice

The Imperial Ice Stars were at the Theatre Royal as part of their world tour, with their production of Cinderella On Ice. It was great! It's not, as so many people seem to think, like Disney on Ice and aimed at 6 year olds. It's closer to ballet than anything else, particularly since it's staged in the theatre. Indeed, I saw their production of Swan Lake last year, and it used the Tchaikovsky ballet score.

This year the music was original, composed and pre-recorded for the production. According to the programme, the pre-recorded music is a requirement for the accuracy of the skating, although I'm not sure how this differs from, say, a musical, where a live band is a must in case singers mess up! Anyhow, the music was excellent.

The skating was, as before, absolutely fantastic, and in such a (relatively) small space! The props, for obvious reasons, are minimal, but it works. This production was set in what appeared to be a cross between 1930s America and Russia, with strong designs of an Art Deco nature. Here, Cinderella was a chorus ballerina, with the Ugly Stepsisters (who weren't ugly, although their clothing was in questionable colours!) as the prima ballerinas. The fictional ballet production was Swan Lake - I assume a reference to the company's production of Swan Lake last year. Thus some scenes from Swan Lake were incorporated, including some flying scenes involving wires (which occurred several times in both productions to good effect).

There were some very odd scenes with skaters representing (I assume) the cogs of clocks (Cinderella was the daughter of the watchmaker). They looked like odd futuristic space people in bronze jumpsuits that came up to their noses. Creepy stuff. And at midnight at the ball, it seems they kidnapped Cinderella and took her out of time, from where she had to be rescued by her father. We lost track of the plot a bit there, but you just have to go with it!

There were occasions where male skaters were thrown, a role usually taken by female skaters. I wonder if it's hard for them to adapt to that? And there was a wonderfully camp dressmaker! The Prince Mayor's son's interactions with him were very amusing *g*. And the Prince Mayor's son was appropriately charming! He looked rather like
Ilia Kulik, but it wasn't him.

I love watching the skating and I wish I could do even a tenth of the things they can and make it seem effortless! I must get some lessons (if I ever find time)! It's been weeks since I've been skating - I must get back. Shame Braehead is not open more often - it's a lot handier than East Kilbride or further afield.
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