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Well, Hi

I've been absent from here for a while - I've been busy growing a small person inside. It's due out soon, so no doubt I'll be even less here then.

Anyway, it's the Glasgow Jazz Festival this week! Brass Jaw have been all over the place promoting it too - to London and back playing in stations, and playing on a city tour bus. Hopefully their opening gig tonight sold out and went well!

Speaking of selling out, the Federation of the Disco Pimp / James Taylor Quartet / Craig Charles gig on Friday is now sold out. I was looking forward to this most of all the gigs :(. I suspect it's sold out because it's been moved from the Fruitmarket (which is large) to this mysterious Rio Club "pop-up" venue (which I bet is small). This sucks. I don't know what's going on with this Rio Club thing - it was suddenly just mentioned recently, and it's been very non-obvious that things have been moved (not helped by booking systems listing the same gig at the same time in both the original venue and the new venue). It also appears to be under Merchant Square, or something? Anyway, I think there's more to this than meets the public eye. It's all very strange. Surely they had booked the Fruitmarket ages ago? Is there not a large cancellation fee?

Also, while I'm kind of complaining, there are a lot of overlapping gigs again that I'd have liked to see otherwise. As a result, I'll probably only be going to one or two gigs for the whole festival instead of four or five. Such is life. I've heard similar complaints from others.
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