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We were at the penultimate Vegas Night in Glasgow (on The Ferry) at the weekend. Unfortunately, the next night in May will be the last regular one in Glasgow:

There are a number of reasons for this, but the continual work on the quayside has contributed to our decision to call it a day. The venue's recent domination by a seemingly ever-increasing number of hen nights, as a consequence of which the composition of the crowd and atmosphere at the club have changed over the last couple of years, has also been a major contributory factor in our decision. [Link]

Disappointing news indeed! I hope future visits are not few and far between, wherever they may be, since this is one of the best fun nights in Glasgow. Where else can one wear a suit and trilby, or 1920s cocktail dress and not look out of place? And where else are The Rat Pack a significant part of the playlist? It's not very practical to have to go to Edinburgh for the night.

The hen nights have indeed been taking over - L plates, devil horns and over-dressed girls falling over drunk left right and centre. It really isn't the atmosphere it used to be. This weekend was also quieter than usual, despite the 30 or so "hens" present. Whether this has been a gradual process, is the time of year, or is another aspect of the credit crunch, I don't know.

I'll be very sorry to see it go.
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