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The Dizzy Gillespie Quintet on Jazz 625

I am pleased to report that, unlike the Dave Brubeck Quartet episode, this one had no problems with the sound quality! It was leagues ahead in all respects, both the original sound editing and the restoration.

It was much better presented too - this time, they had Humphrey Lyttleton, who introduced the band and then left them to interact with the audience directly (an audience who genuinely appeared to be relaxed and enjoying it this time!). Dizzy Gillespie has an excellent presentation style, and was consistently funny. At one point he said he'd like to introduce the band, and proceeded to introduce the band to each other! It was clear as well that the band were happy with each other and enjoying the gig, which makes a big difference.

Excellent playing too, of course! Beautiful sound from Dizzy Gillespie in particular, and really melodic solos all round. A good variation in the styles of pieces played too. I particularly liked the one with just trumpet and bass.

The strange moment for this episode was when the camera focussed on a girl in the audience with a large sausage shaped balloon on her lap with "DIZZY GILLESPIE FOR PRESIDENT" printed on it. Weird.
Tags: bbc, gillespie, tv
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