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iReal Book

Brilliant app - the Real Book for iPhone / iPod Touch! Only £4.99, and it includes over 730 songs - to be fair, it's chords/structure only (no melody or lyrics for copyright reasons) but still! And as a bass player, that suits me fine *g*. And just think how much an actual real book costs relative to the number of songs you get.

You can also edit tunes, either on your iPod or on the Mac with the (free) accompanying software if you so choose. This means you can add new songs, and submit them to the author for future inclusion - I suspect that's how most of them got there, so it might be wise to check for errors as you use it...

Songs always fit on the screen, and it has a white text on black option for referencing at gigs.

The app was written by a Swedish professional bass player based in the New York area, Massimo Biolcati. And many thanks to him for doing so!
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