euphbass (euphbass) wrote,

Jazz, Funk & Blues All Night

Good set last night at Box on Sauchiehall Street - it was a friend's 30th and he'd got together a selection of bands he plays/played in, past and present. There were six bands, of which I was playing in one, a jazz trio (made a quartet for the night with the addition of a drummer, one night only). I didn't play very well - it was difficult to hear everyone clearly, nearly impossible to see the music, and the drums were a bit overpowering! I definitely prefer when it's just the three of us (guitar, sax and bass). It flows much better, and is much more responsive and flexible. There were some... interesting... moments *g*. The audience liked it though - the other sets were more rock / blues / funk so ours stood out a bit.

Funkilicious were on later in the evening, minus their singer. This is the second instrumental only set I've seen them do - it sounded very professional. Some particularly good soprano sax solos! The night was closed by Washington Street, a very funky band influenced heavily by the JBs. Rhythm section plus two trumpets and tenor. Definitely the best band of the night, especially the bass. Worth checking out - I haven't heard much else of that style (of that quality) in Glasgow.
Tags: box, corner pocket groove, funk, funkilicious, jazz, reviews 2009, washington street
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