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Singin' In The Rain

Saturday 5th September
Theatre Royal

Surprisingly, I hadn't actually seen this before, despite jenjemeer lending me the DVD for about 6 months! So now I have. We went to see it live on Saturday past.

It was very good - the highlight had to be the real rain on stage in the title song! They had rain for Cinderella On Ice earlier in the year, but that seemed feasible enough since it was falling on ice, but this time it drained forward through a little crack in the floor - I presume it's channelled off somewhere - at any rate, it doesn't end up in the orchestra pit!

When I saw Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands there, I swear there was real snow at the end, but I was sure it fell over the seating, from the very top of the theatre. But there was nothing on the seats - whatever it was, it must have melted on the way down.

Anyway, the show was good! The lead actor was really channelling Gene Kelly - he had the look, the accent and the singing style down to a T! The dancing was, I believe very good. For my part, I was thinking, "that was pretty much in time - must be good," but jenjemeer knows about dancing and she said it was very good - the same choreography as the film with the exception of one particularly hard move that had been taken out.

Other than the title song, I recognised, Good Morning, Good Morning, Make Em' Laugh and Gotta Dance. In the film plot, a good singer is chosen to dub a silent movies actress when talkies come in. According to the programme, in the MGM film, the "dubbed" voice of the silent movie star was actually the actresses' own voice (Jean Hagen) and the singer who dubs the silent star was in fact herself dubbed (by Betty Noyes). If that makes any sense.
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